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Easy de-budding Master Bucker

De-budding cannabis is now an easy task with the newest member of the MasterProducts family. Master Bucker offers a production of 65 kg / h, equivalent to the work of 15 people. It can process wet or dry plant matter. Thanks to its speed control you can preserve the shape and size of flowers.

Designed for large production, it is equipped with a powerful motor and rollers that can de-bud branches of any diameter. Avoid complications with less powerful de-budders.

Keeping the comfort of the operator in mind, Master Bucker can be tilted to work standing or sitting and is designed for the addition of conveyor belts. Furthermore, its wheels allow you to easily move the machine anywhere.

The basic maintenance will not be a problem either: Master Bucker is easily disassembled,
and its basic maintenance will take only 10 minutes.

The powerful motor of the MasterBucker is capable of de-budding any branches of any
diameter. There is no branch that can resist the MasterBucker.

65 kg/h, equal to 15 people


Imagen producto mastertrimmers



Dry or wet trimming?
Our technology adapts to your product.

Details of the Master Bucker

Powerful gearhead
Flat-free tyres
Manufactured entirely of stainless steel.
Imagen producto mastertrimmers
Large surface for it’s box
Speed controller

Technical specifications

Imagen producto mastertrimmers Data sheet

Dimensions of the machine: 76 x 78 x 140 cm

Machine weight: 70kg

Production in wet: 65Kh/h

Material of the machine: Stainless steel

Imagen producto mastertrimmers User's manual

Imagen producto mastertrimmers Warnings

Gloves and protective eyewear must be worn at all times.

Avoid all direct contact of your hands (or other parts of the body) with the grid.

Never use metal objects on or insert metal objects into the grid, this includes scissors.

Never apply pressure onto the grid.

MasterProducts does not take responsibility and is not liable, neither directly nor indirectly, for any damage or harm caused as a result of the improper use of our products.

Use our equipment in accordance with the laws of your country.
Imagen producto mastertrimmers

Included Heads

Imagen producto mastertrimmers

Rounded head

Imagen producto mastertrimmers

Tubular head

Imagen producto mastertrimmers

Star head

How to use the Master Bucker

MT Bucker can work whether with dry or wet flower. Select the input design you need to work with, according to the variety and the level of humidity. Supplied with 3 input designs; round, tubular and star.

Cleaning the bottom of the branches will make easier the input of the branches into the holes. We recommend you to make a cut of 45º at the bottom of the branch to facilitate the input between the 2 rollers. Install the machine on a flat surface and tilt it according to the height of the operator. Turn on the machine with the power switch. Take a branch and insert it into the hole that best fits with the size of the stem. When introducing the product through the slot, you will notice that it sucks the branch in, and the flowers will fall into the flower collecting container.

With the speed controller, you will be able to slow down to gently de-bud the dried flowers without damaging them, or speed up to de-bud fresh harvested flowers

Imagen producto mastertrimmers

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Imagen producto mastertrimmers MB BUCKER 500 has a 5-year warranty and all the necessary spare parts.
Imagen producto mastertrimmers MB BUCKER 500 is used in GMP certified facilities throughout Europe
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The medical cannabis harvesting equipment manufactured by MasterProducts has been designed for processing medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Check the current legislation in your country before making use of any of our products. MasterProducts is not responsible for the improper use of the equipment it manufactures.
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