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High production in a small space

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Cannabis trimmer

Adapts to any crop
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Master Products offers two MT Tumbler 200 models: one WITHOUT speed regulators and another WITH regulators for the speed of the barrel and the blade-reel so you can adapt to changes in the conditions and state of your raw material. Each variety needs to be processed differently so the speed regulators allow you to treat each flower type to match your requirements.

Both models are designed to trim large amounts of cannabis in a minimal working space. The specifications ensure that the machine is effective, with a high quality cut that’s as good as cutting by hand.

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Compact design

Trimmer + Leaf Collector
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  • A 5-blade reel can perform 12,000 cuts in 60 seconds.
  • The work equivalent of up to 10 staff.
  • Carbon steel flexible blade for high precision cutting.
  • 200 W blade reel motor.
  • 15 W barrel motor.
  • Works on fresh and/or dry raw materials.
  • Collection bag made of 140-micron nylon for collecting the pollen.
  • Removable electrical module.
  • Total disassembly in 1 minute!
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Easy to maintain

Take it apart in 1 minute!
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  • Disassemble it completely and without tools.
  • You will only need 1 minute to disassemble it.
  • Removable electrical module.
  • Can be totally cleaned with hot pressurized water and sterilised with isopropyl alcohol using our Master Clean.
  • Clean the barrel by scrubbing the surface with hot water and applying Master Clean for disinfection.
  • Use Master Clean to clean the electrical module. Do not apply water.
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Fresh or dry trimming

Changing the barrel

Change from working on fresh to dry in a matter of seconds by only changing the barrel and without needing any tools.

There are two models of the MT Tumbler 200: a model with a constant speed and a model with speed controls. Regulation is really useful for working on dry raw material and provides the ability to adjust the speed to be the most gentle on the flowers, to avoid damaging them.

* The MT Tumbler 200 includes the barrel required to work the fresh product by default. If you need both barrels or just the barrel for dry trimming you must specify this when ordering the machine.

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MT Tumbler 200 Full System

For large-scale producers and/or those planning to scale up
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The cannabis trimmer is capable of processing between 12 and 14 kg/h, the work-equivalent of 10 staff. If 14 kg/h is not enough for you, we recommend joining three of your MT Tumbler 200 machines in tandem.

The MT Tumbler 200 Full System is composed of three MT Tumbler 200 machines, including a rail and input and output conveyor belts, a complete production system that will help you achieve a production rate that can be up to 80 kg/h!


The rails allow you to set the necessary inclination and to join the MT Tumbler 200 machines.

Adding the input conveyor will increase production by 30%.

Adding the output conveyor will allow you to perform exhaustive quality control.

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Conveyor belts

input and output

Adding the input conveyor belt enables automation and an increase of performance of the Tumbler models, achieving up to 30% higher production.

Adding the output conveyor belt facilitates a convenient system for quality control, because of the speed controller. The conveyors enable identification of damaged flowers and/or trimming failure.

Both belts are certified for food use.

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Technical details

Imagen producto mastertrimmers Technical Specifications

Imagen producto mastertrimmers Ficha técnica

Imagen producto mastertrimmers Instructions for use and maintenance

Imagen producto mastertrimmers Manual de uso y mantenimiento

Imagen producto mastertrimmers Technical Specifications

Electrical connection220/230 V 50/60 Hz
Weight trimmer33 kg
Weight leaf collector26 kg
Machine size76 x 70 x 93 cm
Size of pallet71 x 56 x 106 cm
Fresh production rate12-24 kg/h
Dry production rate3 kg/h
Noise85 dB
Barrel304 stainless steel
Cutting bladecarbon steel
5-blade reeltempered steel
Machine304 stainless steel
Leaf collection bag140 micron nylon mesh
Extractable electrical assemblyYes
Air cooled motorYes
Security systemYes
Air suctionYes
Warranty5 years
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MT Tumbler 200 is used in GMP certified facilities across Europe. Master Products offers you an installation and adjustment service for your equipment.

If you have any questions about what you have read or have not found the information you need, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a solution.

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MT Tumbler 200 Full System

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Disassemble and assemble MT Tumbler 200

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MT Tumbler 200

Find these and more videos of the T-200 on our YouTube channel.

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