In which plants can I use the machines?

The trimmers have been designed to use in fresh plants either semi-woody or herbaceous.

Can I find spare parts?

In MasterTrimmers we have all the spare parts and a technical service.

Is there a guarantee?

All our machines have a 1 year warranty on defective parts.

Does the machines makes a lot of noise?

We choose a quality engine for the machines, that they can work at the necessary speed to get a perfect cut with the minimum noise.

When sharpening blades?

It will depend on the hours of use of the machine, but it is recommended sharpen 6 months to 1 year.

How to clean the machine?

Use a plastic spatula to remove the accumulation of pollen. Then use a cloth and MasterTrimmer’s cleaning liquid to clean the grilles and blades.

How to clean the collection bag?

Put the bag soaked in MasterTrimmer’s cleaning liquid for a few minutes and then rub to remove the accumulation of pollen. To finish use  water for cleaning.

If you still have any questions contact us.

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