We present our Medical line, a wide range of products specially designed and manufactured to process medical cannabis during the postharvest stage. From cannabis flowers trimmers to conveyors belts that increase the automation of the production to maximum levels.

Our equipment is optimised and adapted following the strictest quality and safety controls in order to comply with the technical details of the most demanding GMP requirements, an essential seal of guarantee for all producers who focus their activity exclusively on medicinal use and purpose. Manufactured in stainless steel, all our machines offer highest performance for a perfect result of the treated product.

Wet and/or dry trimming.


We provide you with IQ (Installation Qualification) and OQ (Operational Qualification) validation documents, essential to comply with EU GMP quality standards and regulatory requirements.




Equipment designed to separate the branches and stems from the flowers. This process can be done either dry or wet. Larger leaves are also separated. It is the step prior to trimming. Manufactured to meet EU GMP quality and safety requirements.


Machines specially created to separate the large and small leaves from the flowers, with the aim of obtaining cannabis flowers with the most accurate and perfect result. They are manufactured to meet EU GMP quality and safety requirements.


Machines designed to sort cannabis flowers by size, according to the diameter of each flower. Suitable for all strains and manufactured to meet EU GMP quality and safety requirements.


Solutions designed to carry out the cleaning process of the machines. Thanks to its ultrasound technology system, Sonics equipment achieves impressive results in a matter of minutes. We offer you the possibility of customising them with the measurements that best suit your needs.


We present our infeed and outfeed conveyor belts. A selection that will allow you to constantly feed the different machines that are joined, and finally create a fully automated production line. Each of them manufactured to meet EU GMP quality and safety requirements.


Equipment specially designed to process cannabis and convert it into small particles of uniform size, which will be ready for subsequent extraction for medicinal purposes. They are manufactured to meet the highest quality and safety requirements of GMP seal of guarantee.