New Master Sorter 500 MED. Sort your cannabis flowers by size.

Introducing the new cannabis flower sorter 

Master Products introduces Master Sorter 500 MED, a cannabis and hemp flower sorter designed to be seamlessly integrated into the workflow of the automated postharvest line or to be used individually. EU GMP certified.

Master Sorter 500 MED is the first machine of Master Products’ new family of sorters, entering the market by raising the bar over similar machines from other manufacturers, thanks to the careful integration of features that give it a great versatility that makes it unique in the industry.

Master Sorter 500 MED is particularly easy to maintain, thanks to its quick disassembly requiring no tools whatsoever. Of course, like the rest of the Master Products range of machines, it is designed in high quality stainless steel according to GMP criteria, without any kind of paint or screws.



With a sorting area exceeding 2m (6ft), the Master Sorter 500 MED can dry sort up to 90 kg/h of cannabis and hemp flowers in more than seven fully customizable sizes by means of its nine speed-adjustable food-grade polyurethane sorting belts. As it is not vibration-operated, this sorter treats the flowers very gently, so their quality is not affected.

The outfeed conveyor belt has an autonomous motor and keeps the flowers undamaged protecting them from falls and shocks. Each of its 7 grading slots can be independently adjusted to separate flowers from 4 to 40 mm. There is also a final outfeed for larger flowers.

The product can be conveniently collected in boxes or bags for storage or packaging. For this purpose, Master Sorter 500 MED integrates adjustable rods at each outfeed to precisely match the size of the bag.

Master Sorter 500 MED also integrates an emergency stop system and LED function indicator. The inlet hopper allows a more comfortable and efficient work, and its stainless steel swivel wheels make it easy to transport and to place on the working line.


Why it is a good idea to incorporate a cannabis and hemp flower sorter into your business?

No cannabis grower doubts the advantages of automating production processes. The implementation of trimming machines optimizes the harvesting stage, reducing time and costs. But, why should we put the brakes here?

Once the cannabis is harvested, many producers must sort the buds as needed for further processing or to achieve a uniform size in the final product. This phase, is highly sensitive when done manually for several reasons:

  • Trichomes and terpenes of flowers are affected by operator handling. By automating the sorting process, handling is significantly reduced and the trichomes are not affected.

  • Size sorting by operators does not offer optimal accuracy. A sorting machine can separate flowers quickly and accurately resulting in a more uniform final product.

  • The freshness of flowers depends largely on the time it takes from the time it is removed from the plant until it is conveniently packaged. The high sorting accuracy of a cannabis sorter allows the drying time to be adjusted according to the size of the flowers, which results in a higher freshness of the product.

    For these reasons, automation of the grading stage is certainly a good idea. Not only do we optimize overall production by not introducing an avoidable brake after harvest, but we reduce product handling to a minimum, improve the uniformity of the final product, and significantly reduce freshness loss.

    Accurate sizing also allows us to better determine the end use of the product and its price. In addition, we minimize the waste of small flowers, which we can reserve for pre-rolls or other uses.



The Master Sorter 500 MED is Master Products’ contribution to optimize the final stage of your production, adding to the set of solutions Master Products offers to improve crop yields and reduce losses, while ensuring high product quality throughout the entire processing, from harvesting to sorting.

Accurate sizing also allows us to better determine the end use of the product and its price. In addition, waste of small flowers is minimised, which can be therefore, reserved for pre-rolls or other medicinal uses.

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Master Products introduces the Master Sorter 500, a cannabis and hemp flower sorter designed to integrate seamlessly into the workflow of the automated post-harvest line or for individual use.